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What Is Domestic Identity Fraud in California?

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If you believe you have been a victim of domestic identity fraud, you have options. Continue reading and give our legal team a call today to speak with a skilled California domestic identity theft lawyer at Loker Law, APC. Our firm is on your side no matter what. Here are some questions you may have:

How will I know if I am a victim of domestic identity fraud?

Identity theft and identity fraud are representations used to represent all kinds of crimes in which a person wrongfully obtains and uses another person’s personal data in some way including fraud or deception, typically for economic expansion.

To begin, according to California state law, there is no true distinction between whether your significant other is a spouse or a domestic partner. Any unauthorized use of your money or credit cards is unlawful. It may even be considered a sort of domestic financial abuse. If you have doubts that your spouse or partner has stolen your identity, it is recommended that you do not confront him or her. Instead, you should order duplicates of your credit reports from Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. Once you have done that, you should file a police report, using the information you obtained from your credit reports. Our legal team will not allow you to go through this process alone, give our experienced team a call today to fight for you and your future.

What are the different kinds of domestic identity theft?

In addition to using your money or credit card without your consent, the below list also can also be deemed domestic identity fraud:

  • Stealing your Social Security number
  • Engaging in substantial unauthorized financial transactions
  • Suppressing certain assets
  • Hiding unpaid bills
  • Using your personal information to stalk or harass you
  • Forcing you to open up a credit card account, then maxing out this account and destroying your credit

If your spouse or domestic partner has put you through any of the above situations, do not wait to reach out to a dedicated California consumer law attorney who can help you obtain any further proof. Our legal team is ready to help you with the background and understanding needed to ensure you and your future are protected. It is in your best interest to give us a call today. We are on your side no matter what you are going through.

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If you are facing any sort of consumer-related issue, such as one involving identity theft, a credit report dispute, or you need a debt collection defense attorney to fight for you, our firm is ready to help. Contact Loker Law, APC today to schedule your initial consultation with our experienced legal team.

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