Pasadena, CA

Located in Southern California and surrounded by the San Gabriel Mountains, Pasadena is a lovely, cultured, and charming city. With the right balance of mountain wilderness, natural beauty, historic homes and architecture, along with cultural, education and sports attractions, this city manages to be a delightful mix of attractions with its signature New Year’s Day Rose Parade and the classic Beach Boys song “Little Old Lady from Pasadena”. There is a lot to enjoy about Pasadena, but there is also the potential for financial ruin and emotional anguish due to credit and identity fraud.

If you are a little old lady or anyone else from Pasadena facing identity theft or other forms of credit fraud, Loker Law wants to help you fight back. We assist customers who have fallen prey to financial fraud, and if you need assistance, we have the knowledge and resources available to help you. We handle only consumer and identity theft cases, so we invite you to call today and arrange a free consultation to learn about your rights and options.

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