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Kimberly Christman

Kimberly Christman is an accomplished Administrative Assistant at Loker Law, where she brings her organizational skills and keen attention to detail to support daily operations. With over a decade of experience in supportive roles, primarily in the public sector, Kimberly has developed a strong foundation in administrative functions and client relations.

Originally from San Jose, Kimberly is also a mother of two. She has an educational background in fashion and textile design and completed a mentorship program in modern and traditional upholstery in Minneapolis, further showcasing her diverse skill set. Kimberly creates vintage reproduction garments, blending classic styles with modern techniques, which has made her a sought-after talent in the fashion community. She draws inspiration from classic cinema and music, which influence her both personally and creatively.

Kimberly’s interest in Consumer Protection law stems from her natural advocacy against unlawful practices, aligning her professional aspirations with her personal values. She is team and community-driven, always seeking ways to contribute positively and support those around her.

Her appreciation for timeless aesthetics, dedication to her craft, and commitment to social justice are evident in everything she does, from her work in law to her meticulous sewing projects. Kimberly’s diverse background and commitment to excellence make her a valuable asset to Loker Law and a dynamic professional with a bright future in the paralegal field.

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