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Whether you’re facing an issue of identity theft, credit report troubles, debt collection harassment, or otherwise, you can turn to an experienced Santa Barbara County, California consumer attorney right here at Loker Law, APC to fight for you when it matters most. Contact our legal team today so we can get started.

Santa Barbara County, California Consumer Attorney | On Your Side

Our legal team is experienced in handling a wide array of matters concerning consumers here in the state of California. Whether you’re having issues with credit card or other debt or fraud, you can rely on a Santa Barbara County, California consumer attorney from Loker Law, APC to fight for you, every step of the way. Remember, though credit card companies, banks, and certainly identity thieves are not on your side, our firm always is. You can depend on us.

Our Legal Services

Our Santa Barbara County, California consumer attorney is here for clients throughout California who are facing a wide array of consumer-related issues, including the following:

Our Identity Theft Services

Most of us would like to believe that our sensitive and private information will be kept private. Unfortunately, with the digital age upon us, your information is more at risk than it ever has been. Whether someone hacked your computer or stole your credit card, if you are a victim of fraud, you can rely on us to help you. Just some of the various types of identity theft we help our clients with are as follows:

Debt Collection Harassment & Debt Collection Defense

Debt collectors will do anything to get what they believe they are owed, including persistent harassment. If you need legal assistance fighting off debt collectors, you can depend on us. We provide our clients with the strong legal defense they deserve, and creditors know when they’re contacted by us that you mean business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Matt Loker’s background?
A: Matt Loker began his career at a top consumer protection law firm right after law school, gaining significant experience before starting his firm.

Q: How does the firm handle fees for identity theft cases?
A: Loker Law works on a contingency basis for identity theft cases, requiring payment only if they successfully win the case for their client.

Q: What sets Loker Law apart in handling debt collection harassment cases?
A: Their knowledge of federal and state regulations allows them to effectively combat unfair practices by debt collectors, often at no cost to the client.

Q: Can Loker Law assist with inaccuracies in credit reporting?
A: Yes, they offer professional advice and representation for disputes involving credit report inaccuracies, including fraudulent entries and mixed account information.

Q: What is the firm’s philosophy towards client service?
A: Loker Law emphasizes personalized attention and dedication to easing clients’ stress, striving to make the legal process as clear and straightforward as possible.

Contact a Santa Barbara County, California Consumer Attorney

If you’re facing any of the aforementioned issues, the time to act is now, and our firm has the knowledge and resources needed to effectively fight for you. Contact Loker Law, APC today to learn more about our legal services and to schedule your free initial consultation with our legal team.

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