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My wife and I were referred to Matt because our bank account was levied by an aggressive collections company. We lived in fear of the disasters that arise from this situation. Once Matt took our case, we felt a huge feeling of relief knowing that we are being represented by the best of the best! That cannot be emphasized enough. Matt went up against a firm of lawyers who knew the legalities of what they were doing to us. Long story short, there were appeals, case dismissal attempts and attempts to drag it out and get our case thrown out. Matt responded with rebuttals and a multitude of precedents, keeping our case on the judge's table. It was quite impressive. Matt insisted on mediation and the case was brought to a favorable settlement agreement. No more issues with this. It is a thing of the past. A million pounds off our shoulders. Highest recommendation!!

- Ryan F

To all those on the hunt for a consumer protection lawyer, you have caught the big one. Matt Loker is the nicest lawyer I have ever met when it comes to client-attorney relationships, but he is a SHARK for his clients. He's very vocal and communicative when it comes to keeping his clients updated with what is going on throughout the process and very willing to fight for a satisfactory outcome for his client!! Thanks, matt! Couldn't have asked for a better attorney.

- Don D.

Integrity, honesty and my best interest put first.

- Kristin K.

If you have doubts as to who to pick for a lawyer look no further!!!! Matt was amazing! I am finally adulting and taking care of my past debts. When I reached out to him, he responded immediately and went the extra mile. I was really amazed and surprised by his professionalism and responsiveness. I emailed him on the weekend and had a response within a couple of hours! Matt really works hard and is passionate about what he does. I will definitely use him in the future!!!

- Yasmin C.

Nobody wanted to help me when my checking and credit card account was hacked and my money was stolen. The bank presented everything like I logged in myself and sent money to somebody else. I almost lost hope of getting my money back. These guys responded and did their job. It was hard and took some time but only because the lawyers were very careful and acted professionally. I highly recommend them if you need some lawful defense. They are responsible, honest, experienced, and very professional attorneys. Don't give up.

- Roman U.

I had a lot of concerns about the risks involved in making a claim for damages against such a large counterparty with so many resources. Being the great communicator that he is and so easy to work with, Matt was beyond patient explaining how things would work in my situation and putting my mind at ease. Sure enough, things worked out very much in my favor. Matt kept me up to date and in the loop every step of the way. I learned that the laws that provide consumer protection are just words on paper unless someone like Matt brings them to life and creates accountability for the large entities. I wouldn't hesitate to work with him again. Thank you, Matt!

- Ed M.

Matthew Loker is a very talented and persistent attorney. He kept me advised of anything going on at all times. I would recommend him a thousand times over. He is also very patient. Thank you Matt for the help you gave me.

- Ryan Stephens

Mr. Loker is a great, experienced lawyer who knows his stuff. He cares about his clients and makes the law easy to understand.

- Adriana M.

Matt is the best lawyer I can recommend. He helped me clear all my issues with identity theft and was also able to get me a settlement. If you want a reliable and professional lawyer, Matt is your guy.

- Raymond A.

This firm is efficient and puts in the effort for all the clients. You will feel valued and properly represented by this firm.

- Mikayla R.

Great experience working with Loker Law. Everyone was friendly, responsive and easy to talk to. They really cared about the best outcome for me. Would highly recommend them.

- Liza B.

The most informative, helpful and truly kind individual you could possibly work with. Matthew Loker is a consummate professional who would go above and beyond for you.

- Scott P.

Matt has been great to work with over the years. He has helped me a lot by reviewing contracts for me when I’m working with my clients. He has also helped put me in touch with other lawyers that have been a great help for other challenges that I have faced as I grow my business.

- B

My experience has been nothing but positive with Matt Loker. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field, truly compassionate and quite personable. He really knows how to walk one through a process that is completely foreign. He is a great advocate and passionate about his work. You'll be in good hands with Loker Law, APC.

- Stevie G.

Mr. Loker has been nothing but amazing ever since I began working with him back in 2020. I was a victim of identity fraud and Mr. Loker could not have been more caring or invested in my case. Any time that I had questions, day or night, he would promptly respond and always made me feel comfortable asking whatever questions came to mind. Throughout the process, Mr. Loker was always very upfront and honest with me. I was never left questioning what was going to happen next or what I should be doing. I had never gone through a lawsuit before and it is not a fun experience. However, Mr. Loker made the process feel seamless and I felt so supported every step of the way. In the end, the defendants ended up settling in my favor and I could not be more grateful. It is not hyperbolic for me to say that Mr. Loker has been a literal godsend as I do not know what I would have done without him! I could not recommend him more highly.

- Nick D.

My experience with Loker Law was nothing but positive. They had recently helped me settle a case against a car dealership that illegally impounded my car. They are very knowledgeable, responsive and do their best to win your case. I highly recommend Loker Law to anyone who's looking for help!

- David L.

Matthew Loker is a brilliant and dedicated consumer rights attorney with strong ethics and a great sense of humor. In addition to representing individual clients, Mr. Loker also advocates for system-wide changes that increase the security and privacy of consumers in California and across the nation.

- Eva U.

An accomplished attorney with an exemplary record. Matt is both attentive and compassionate. He goes the extra mile for his clients. A consummate professional. Highly recommend.

- Sheryl F.

Matt worked very hard on my case even while the other parties were being quite difficult and challenging. He solved the issue and got me a payout I was very happy with. Definitely recommend him and his team!

- Rebecca B.

I was dealing with fraud on my credit report. I wasn't making any leeway with the creditor, with the collection agency, or with my local police department. I was at a complete loss. I was attempting to purchase a home until this happened, so it just added more stress. I finally decided to search for the right law firm for me and my situation. That's when I came across Loker Law. Matthew was fast-acting, professional, communicated well, answered all of my questions very promptly (especially when he was on vacation with his family). I was very pleased and satisfied with his level of professionalism. After working with Matthew for a month and a half the fraud/derogatory account was removed from my credit report. I am beyond thrilled. Now I can move forward toward my personal goal of purchasing a home. I highly recommend Matthew for any and all legal needs.

- Erin G.

Matthew Loker is one of my favorite attorneys in general. He knows the law well and does such an exceptional job at explaining it in the most basic way, letting you know he knows what he’s talking about. Not only is he very professional but you can tell he enjoys his work. Would recommend!

- Yesenia D.

I've had the pleasure of working with and learning from Matt Loker over the past few years. He's a man of great integrity that I've been honored to have as a professor and as an employer. His commitment to his clients and dedication to his craft have been integral to his success and have set a fine example for me to follow as I begin my legal career.

- Elliott F.

Matt Loker is exactly the type of lawyer you need. He is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and really knows how to explain complex legal concepts in a way that anyone can understand. He is extremely motivated and has a client-first mentality. I cannot recommend him enough.

- Jeffrey W.

I reached out to Attorney Matthew due to a negative record added to my credit score which was no fault of mine and he handled my case in a fast, professional, responsive, and diligent way. He took all the necessary and extra steps to make sure the dispute was reported correctly. I won my dispute and I am more than satisfied by the best customer service. He is compassionate, understanding, responsible, and willing to guide you all the way. I highly recommend for anyone to go to his firm, Loker Law, APC. You will not regret it! Excellent service! Great communicator! Professional!

- Eskedar T.

Mr. Loker is the best out there. I first met him as a professor at law school where his classes were exciting because he created anticipation for new knowledge and engagement. He treats his firm the same. I had the privilege of sitting in multiple depositions and assisting where directed for several cases. His genuine engagement with clients, protecting their interests, and wins for the consumer (all with incredible finesse), have inspired the direction of my legal career. You’re in good hands with Mr. Loker.

- Jeremy P.

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