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Experian Mixed My Credit Report With Someone Else’s. What Can I Do?

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When you check your Experian credit report before applying for a loan or mortgage, you may be shocked to discover the information on the report is incorrect. Whether this is the wrong name or loans you never opened, this can severely impact your ability to be approved for loans. Unfortunately, this may be the result of a mixed credit report. The following blog explores how these errors occur and what you must know if your information has been mixed with another person’s. You’ll also discover how an inaccurate account information disputes attorney can help you fix the errors.

What Are Signs of Mixed Information?

Generally, any time there is information on your credit report that does not match your personal details, your account may be mixed with another person’s. Signs of this include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Your name is incorrectly listed, such as being misspelled or your first and last name are swapped
  • Your social security number is off by a few digits
  • The address associated with your account is incorrect
  • There are loans you never took out associated with your name

For many, the signs that your account information has been mixed with another person can look similar to identity theft. If you would like to be sure that your identity has not been stolen, you can contact the creditor. If they inform you that the information associated with the loan on your account matches your details, it could be identity theft. However, if the loan was taken out in another’s name, it could be a mix-up.

How Does a Mixed Credit Report Happen?

A mixed credit report is unfortunately not uncommon. One of the main ways this can occur is if you have a common last name, such as Smith, Jones, or Garcia. When you have the same last name as many others, this can increase the chances of a mix-up occurring.

Additionally, when employees enter your data, they may make a mistake when typing in your social security number. As such, the person with the social security number associated with your report may take out loans that appear on your account.

How Can a California Lawyer Help Me Remedy the Situation?

When a credit mix-up occurs, it isn’t a mistake that goes without impact. Unfortunately, you may find that you were denied a loan, housing, or even a job as a result of poor credit associated with your account due to a mix-up. As such, you can hold Experian responsible for the damages you’ve suffered.

Working with an attorney can help you remove the incorrect information on your account and get your credit report accurately updated to reflect your correct information. Additionally, they can help you pursue compensation for the damages you may have endured because of the agency’s error.

At Loker Law, we understand how frustrating it can be to find incorrect information on your credit report. Our team is committed to helping you through these frustrating situations to help you take control of your credit report. Contact our firm today to learn how we can guide you through this complex process.

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