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How Can Medical Identity Theft Impact Me in California?

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It’s no secret that medical care in the United States can be on the expensive side, which is why finding out that someone has used your insurance to receive treatment can be devastating. Unfortunately, medical identity theft can and does happen, though not as often as other forms of identity theft. Regardless, you’ll want to keep reading to learn how this happens, what impacts it can have on your life, and how a California identity theft victim lawyer can assist you through these times to help you regain control of your identity.

What Is Medical Identity Theft?

Medical identity theft refers to someone using your personal information to receive care under your name and through your insurance. Generally, they will use your Social Security Number, full name, date of birth, address, and any other sensitive information to access your insurance details.

Many people do this to submit claims to lessen the cost of their care, especially if they are uninsured. This could be to see a doctor, go to the emergency room, receive medical equipment, or refill a prescription at a pharmacy.

What Impacts Can It Have on My Life?

Generally, when many people hear the term “insurance theft,” they automatically associate it with financial losses.  Medical identity theft can impact you economically, as you may find that someone took out a medical loan or left an outstanding bill under your name, impacting your credit. Similarly, if someone uses your insurance benefits, you may hit your limit sooner, costing you more out of pocket.

While someone receiving medical care under your name and through your insurance can undoubtedly have impacts, they are not the only damages you can suffer. When someone goes to the doctor and pretends to be you, their health information is logged in a chart. If your doctor accesses this chart, it can impact the care you receive, posing potentially life-threatening impacts.

How Do I Know If I’ve Been Affected?

There are generally common signs that you may have been impacted by medical identity theft, so ensuring you are familiar with the warnings can help mitigate potential damages. Essentially, any time you are contacted about care you did not receive or receive information about a medical device you recently purchased when you’d have no need for the equipment, this can be a sign of identity theft. Similarly, if you begin receiving calls from debt collectors regarding an outstanding debt, this can indicate that you are a victim.

If you have reason to believe your identity has been compromised and you are a victim of medical identity theft, understanding how to proceed is critical. It’s in your best interest to connect with the dedicated team at Loker Law to discuss your legal options. We understand how upsetting it can be to discover someone else has used your personal details, which is why our team will do everything possible to assist you through these complex times. Contact us today to learn how we will fight for you.

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