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What Long Term Impacts of Identity Theft Can Victims Endure?

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When someone steals your identity, the immediate aftermath can be overwhelming for victims. However, many are unaware that the impact they feel can last well past the initial days and weeks. As such, taking the time to understand the long-term impacts identity theft can have on a victim is critical. The following blog explores why it is imperative to connect with a California identity theft victim lawyer as soon as possible if you believe your information was compromised. You’ll also discover some issues you can experience because of identity theft.

What Impacts Can Identity Theft Have on Victims?

One of the most significant impacts identity theft can have is on the financial stability of victims. If a thief accesses your banking information, they can drain your accounts, impacting your retirement fund, ability to make necessary payments, and your children’s future education.

Additionally, depending on how your personal information was used, you may discover that your employment opportunities are impacted. For example, if someone used your name and Social Security number to commit a crime, it may appear on your background check with a potential employer. Additionally, it could lead to you being falsely arrested for a crime you did not commit, which can contribute to a considerable amount of stress and anxiety.

When your financial accounts and criminal record are impacted, you can experience extreme levels of stress and anxiety. This can impact your life as you may find it challenging to focus on your job, take care of your physical health, or maintain relationships.

Can I Do Anything to Mitigate the Damages?

Once your identity has been impacted, recovery can be complex. That’s why taking the time to monitor your credit report to catch inconsistencies and accounts you don’t recognize is essential. The earlier you catch the theft, the easier it can be to prevent damage from happening.

However, you should consider filing a police report to document the identity theft. This can help protect you later if you have issues because of the theft. Additionally, if you want to file a report with the Federal Trade Commission, attaching a copy of the police report can help.

Finally, you’ll want to connect with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Unfortunately, many assume they can simply contact a credit reporting agency to have their accounts return to normal. However, this is far from the truth. In reality, you’ll find that trying to reclaim your identity can be a complex, arduous, and overwhelming process.

At Loker Law, our team is dedicated to fighting for victims of this heinous crime. Connect with us today to discuss your circumstances and learn how our firm can help guide you to recover and reclaim your identity.

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