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What You Should Do About Domestic Identity Fraud in California

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Nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft, making it one of the most common crimes. You probably expect this of strangers. But when it is your own domestic partner, that’s an entirely different story. If your domestic partner has spent your money without your permission, please read on, then contact an experienced California domestic identity theft lawyer to learn what you should do about domestic identity fraud in California.

How do you know you are a victim of domestic identity fraud?

First off, according to state law, it makes no difference whether your significant other is a spouse or a domestic partner. Any unauthorized use of your money or credit cards is illegal. It may even be considered a form of domestic financial abuse. If you suspect that your spouse or partner has stolen your identity, we would advise you not to confront him or her. Instead, you should order copies of your credit reports from Experian, TransUnion and Equifax. Then, you should file a police report, using the information you gleaned from your credit reports. Do not go it alone, contact a qualified legal representative to fight on your behalf.

What are the common types of domestic identity theft?

In addition to using your money or credit card without your permission, the following actions constitute domestic identity fraud:

  • Hiding certain assets
  • Hiding unpaid bills
  • Engaging in significant unauthorized financial transactions
  • Stealing your Social Security number
  • Using your personal information to stalk or harass you
  • Forcing you to open up a credit card account, then maxing out said account and destroying your credit

If your spouse or domestic partner has subjected you to any of the above, reach out to a skilled California identity theft victim lawyer who will gather any additional evidence.

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