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Unauthorized Credit Card Transactions in CA

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Most people like to trust that their personal information is protected, however, unfortunately, that is not always true. If you have found an unauthorized credit card transaction on your credit card statement, it is in your best interest to take action to protect yourself. No matter what situation you are in, it is to your benefit to give our firm a call today to examine your options with our dedicated California unauthorized credit card transactions lawyer. We are on your side.

What steps should I take after an unauthorized credit card transaction?

Our legal team recognizes the stress and heartbreak that can overwhelm an individual when they discover that their credit card was used without permission. If you are in this unfortunate situation, the first step you should take upon noticing an unauthorized credit card transaction reports the discrepancy to your credit card company and dispute the transaction, and you must accomplish this within 60 days of obtaining your credit card statement. Usually, this should be good enough to compensate you for fraudulent activity. You will want to keep in mind, however, that in some instances, credit card companies will decline to settle the dispute. If this occurs, it is in your best interest to reach out to our firm today to speak with one of our consumer law attorneys about the facts of your case and the potential remedies.

What if a credit card company refuses to fix the unauthorized transaction?

If your credit card company failed to fix and reimburse you for an unauthorized transaction, do not try to take matters into your own hands. Our legal team has substantial experience managing disputes just like this, and we are ready to put that experience to work for you. According to the Fair Credit Billing Act, you have the legal right to dispute any credit billing error, but must first write a clear letter concerning the details of the unauthorized transaction and send it to the Billing Dispute address on the back of your monthly statement within 60 days of receiving the statement in question. Our firm is capable of helping you draft this letter. Because of this, if filing a complaint with the lender does not completely settle the issue, depending on the details of your case, our firm can bring a lawsuit against your financial institution in an effort to have them resolve the charge.

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