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What Should I Do if Experian Won’t Fix a Mistake on My California Credit Report?

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When you check your credit report, you may be horrified to find your credit score has significantly decreased because of accounts you never opened or debts you already paid off. However, when you inform Experian of the error, the mistake is still on your report, impacting the rest of your life. Luckily, a California credit report lawyer can help you navigate how to hold this agency responsible for the damages they cause when they do not remedy an error. Keep reading to learn more.

What Errors Can Show Up on My Credit Report?

You must understand the most common errors that appear on your credit report. This helps ensure you can remedy them as soon as possible. These errors include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Incorrect personal information
  • Incorrect credit limits
  • Including discharged or paid-off debts on the report
  • Inaccurate dates of late payments
  • Loans that you never took out
  • Accounts you never opened
  • Reporting you as deceased

Unfortunately, there are a number of additional errors that can appear, but these are the most common. It is essential to understand what you must look for as these reports can be long and dense, making it easy to miss an error.

What Are My Options if Experian Won’t Fix the Problem?

If you filed a dispute to remedy the issue and Experian denied the request or didn’t respond, you may not know how to proceed.

You’ll want to submit an additional report, but you shouldn’t just copy and paste the information from your initial report. Unfortunately, if you do this, it is unlikely the agency will change the outcome of the dispute. If you continue to submit multiple copies of the same report, it may be labeled as frivolous. Instead, you’ll want to provide additional evidence proving the reporting of an item is incorrect. You may also want to look up additional means to get the error dismissed.

If you’ve provided all the necessary information and Experian still will not fix the issue, you’ll want to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Not only can they help you get the error removed from the report, but they can also fight for compensation.

Many are unaware they can incur damages as a result of a credit reporting error. This includes pecuniary losses, which are the result of inaccurate credit reporting. For example, you may be unable to refinance your home as the result of a poor credit score caused by an error on behalf of Experian. As such, you can hold them liable for their inaction to remedy the error.

If you’ve tried filing a dispute and Experian denied the error, you’ll want to contact an experienced lawyer as soon as possible, as your credit score plays a considerable role in your life. At Loker Law, our dedicated team will do everything possible to help you receive the justice you deserve. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you through this complex legal issue.

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